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Rent to Own

Helping everyone to visualize and achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership.

Commitment - Honesty - Integrity

Can't Purchase a home right now?

Credit and Financial counseling?

Can't produce the closing cost?

Credit is less that favorable?

Need to Rent to Own?

Personalized Service!

Let us assist you.

Our team has been in the Real-Estate financial arena for over 15 years,

helping individuals with all of their Real-Estate needs.

DOME INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC specializes in providing credit, financial counseling and home ownership for individuals with loss than favorable credit or who cannot

accumulate money for down payment and closing cost.

The buyer who joins our program can position themselves to purchase a home verses renting;

first, by re-estimating their credit and by being in an excellent position

to purchase a home instead of just renting.

The motivation of our program is the rewarding factor knowing that our services will qualify

our clients to be able to purchase a home and gain credit stability.

Our Rent to Own Process

  1. Perform a Credit and Financial Evaluation.

  2. Based upon the result of the evaluation, individuals are Pre-Approved for "Rent to Own" or Approved for "Immediate Purchase".

  3. Start rebuilding your credit through our credit repair program.

  4. Clients will also have the choice to enter into a Lease Option to buy... or... not to buy. With either option, our clients will be able to receive a rent credit towards their eventual home purchase. Our program will allow our clients the opportunity to purchase a home by following purchasing program guidelines with Lender's approval.

  5. Once your credit is approved, you will be connected with a Lender for financing. After your financing is approved, you will then be placed with a realtor to purchase a home.

  6.  Finally... DOME INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC will negotiate on behalf of YOU (The Buyer) for the purchase of your home, without any out of pocket expenses.

We Will Help You Visualize and Achieve the American Dream of Homeownership

Your dream of Homeownership can be realized through DOME INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC


Some IMPORTANT ADVANTAGES of homeownership are...

  • Pride and Comfort

  • Ability to Customize

  • Sense of Community

  • Stability

  • Security

  • Equity

  • Tax Deduction

THE TIME IS NOW!!! Take advantage of

this wonderful opportunity. 

Call and let DOME INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC help you find your way home.


Tel: (708) 639-2445

* Chicago, IL 

* Atlanta, GA

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