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Our Credit Repair Services

About... Financial Educational Services


Over the past 12 years, Financial Education Services (FES) has created countless financial programs aiming to satisfy the need for financial security. We’ve covered the spectrum to create pieces for each part of the financial puzzle. From maximizing your credit potential, protecting your identity, securing your assets to preparing for a stable financial future. 

Whether you’re looking for help within your own financial scenario or are here to explore a limitless business opportunity, your success is within reach at Financial Education Services.

Your Financial Opportunities Start Here!!!
We work towards the elimination of...
Products Offered...


  • UCES Protection Plan - Protection For Your Financial Future

  • Smart Credit - Credit Monitoring System

  • My Care Plan - Essentials for Life’s Uncertainties

  • LifeLock - Relentlessly Protecting Your Identity

  • Secure Card - For Building or Re-Building Credit

  • Ultra Score - Building your Financial Reputation

United Credit Education Services

Our Credit Repair Process

What You Can Expect:


Our Credit Restoration tool can provide the most impact where your concerns are at their highest.

UCES will guide you through it's process

of eliminating problematic negative

items on your credit report.


We will accomplish this goal by helping you remove not only fraudulent charges from your credit report, but

also other negative items, listed to your right

resulting in improving your credit scores.

UCES's Protection Plan will help you to take control of your finances. They have the expertise and time to

help you with the questions you may have and 

with the things you need done.

To Learn More...
Please Watch the Video  @  "UCES Protection Plan"
(UCES) - United Credit Education Services
A Total Credit Restoration Platform
* You only pay for Membership, for as long as you need it.
While your Membership is active, take advantage
of all the services that you can benefit from.
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The Road to Home-Ownership ... is either a "Phone Call"  or a "Click" away!
Take Advantage of a great Credit Repair Business Opportunity!
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Tel: (708) 639-2445

* Chicago, IL 

* Atlanta, GA

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