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 About Us

Investing is a process of making decisions today whose results will not be known until tomorrow. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, because nobody can control everything that is going to happen tomorrow.         
                    --Peter L. Bernstein

Dome Investment Group LLC purpose is to acquire capital through potential investors to form a consortium by which funds are used to invest in various business ventures such as Real-Estate

(Residential & Commercial) and other business ventures. Of course we still offer our clients the best service of buying and selling Real-Estate. DIG/LLC also offers potential investors a chance to invest in a company that is community orientated and investor focused.

Our community involvement focuses on refurbishing people attitudes towards various entities such as having the best Credit as possible and using that credit for a better financial life. That's why DIG/LLC has put in place a Credit Repair and Rent-to-Own program that will not only fix and build your Credit but educate in the maintenance of continuous lifetime financial stability.



Tel: (708) 639-2445

* Chicago, IL 

* Atlanta, GA

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